What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner


Choosing a quality professional carpet cleaner isn’t as simple as opening your phone book or searching for one over the Internet. Your carpeting is one of your home’s biggest investments, as well as one of its best assets, so you’ll want to hire a professional who’ll do right by you.

Now, before you go on to hire a professional carpet cleaner, be sure to consider the following tips first.

  • What type of cleaning methods do they use?

When it comes to having your carpets cleaned by a professional, you have several options to consider. You can go for a wet cleaning method that takes a lot of time to dry, or you can consider the dry method where you can walk on your carpets almost as soon as the cleaners are done.

Some treatments require the use of cleaning detergents, while others use more eco-friendly products.

  • Never go for the cheapest option

You want to save some money. We all do. But, when it comes to your carpets, the company with the cheapest quote or lowest price is rarely the best choice.

Sometimes, these cleaners are simply trying to get your business by offering tempting low prices. Once they’ve started working, they’ll charge you for “other” issues just to get you to pay more.

  • Ask for any services included with their quote or advertised price

Some companies will give an initial quote, but this is only the base price. The actual price for their services is usually a bit (or a lot) more than what is initially advertised. This is usually because of other extra services provided and extra fees, so you may want to know about such extra fees up front.

When calling a carpet cleaning company, ask them what services are already included in the quote price and what’s not.

Typical questions include asking them if they’re going to move the furniture for you, whether they are fully insured against the risks of carrying out a cleaning service and what type of cleaning methods they will use on your carpets and upholstery.

  • Consider how they handle customer service

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, there are rare circumstances where a second visit may be necessary to fix a problem that did not manifest itself during the cleaning process. Stains can “wick back” through the carpet, for example, reappearing only after the cleaner has left the job. Ensure you find a company which offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is willing to come back to fix any issues should they arise.

So, there you have it.

The first time (or next time) you ever think of having your carpets cleaned by the professionals, be sure to consider the tips above so you end up making the right choice.

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