How Proper Carpet Maintenance Starts With Your Carpet of Choice


Proper maintenance and care helps make sure that the carpets are well-preserved and last for as long as possible. This makes establishing a proper maintenance program all the more important.

Did you know, though, that planning a carpet maintenance program starts well before your carpets are installed and the very moment that you choose the carpet?

Choosing a specific carpet product based on your needs isn’t just so that it fits your home’s overall theme, but also, if you’re able to take proper care of it.

Different types of carpets require varying care instructions, with some carpets being just much harder to maintain and take care of as compared to others.

When choosing a carpet, it’s best to put in a lot of time thinking about the different factors affecting the carpet’s performance, such as:

  • Fibre type. The most common choices include polypropylene, polyester, wool and nylon. Of the four, nylon is considered as the best choice for commercial and residential applications because the material’s durability and how it requires little maintenance when compared to others.
  • Fibre construction. This includes processing methods, tensile strength, and density. The larger and greater the tensile strength, the more durable the carpet is, it also usually means that it’s going to be more expensive.
  • Dye type. There are generally two types of carpets, in relation to dye type. The first are solution-dyed products, which can be aggressively spot treated without having to worry about damaging the carpets. The second are yarn-dyed products that are much more sensitive to the use of harsh chemicals, but are able to hide soiling much better.
  • Colour and pattern. More than just aesthetics, the colour and pattern also has an effect on how carpets retain their look over the years. Darker and multi-coloured, as well as patterned carpets, typically hide soiling and stains much better.
  • Type of backing. Different types of packing have different features. Some have pattern match abilities, some protect better against delamination, while others offer moisture protection, more cushioning or even better antimicrobial properties. Choose a backing that’s best suited for the type of facility you intend to use the carpets in for easier maintenance and more extensive warranties.
  • Just as important as selecting the carpet that fits your needs, you also need to spend as much time choosing a qualified installer. The proper installation of the carpet ensures that you’ll get the desired performance out of the product.
  • While different carpet types vary in how they’re supposed to be maintained, there are a few things that apply to carpets in general. For one, vacuuming often, even daily, is always a definite must. So too is following a well-planned maintenance schedule that ideally should include annual or biannual deep cleaning and quarterly interim cleaning, or surface cleaning in between deep cleaning and vacuuming.

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