Thinking of cleaning your own carpets? Read on…


You may be tempted to opt to clean your own carpets using a machine that you can readily hire. Or you may be tempted to go with the cheapest carpet cleaning quote you can find. At Bliss Cleaning, we know the importance of using the right chemicals, the right machinery and the right methodology and we have witnessed many occasions where a carpet has been treated by an untrained person, be it yourself or an operator you have employed to do the job. We thought we would outline the risks involved in not using a trained carpet cleaning technician to deep clean your carpets and upholstery.

Going down the route of hiring a carpet cleaning machine sounds tempting as it will certainly save you money by not having to hire someone to do the work. The trouble is, the machines which are available to hire are often under powered as they need to be light enough and cheap enough to enable the general public to hire them at low cost. The danger here is that you are unfamiliar with the type of chemicals you are putting into your carpets and worse, the machine you are using is incapable of fully rinsing and vacuuming out the chemicals, leaving the residue stuck to the carpet. If the carpet hasn’t been sufficiently dried, you could end up with mould issues, a smelly carpet or browning which occurs when too much moisture is left in the carpet. There is also the possibility that carpets may shrink after a wet cleaning process. These machines simply do not have the power to enable you to carry out a thorough job and re-soiling will occur much more quickly, especially with chemically imbalanced carpets.

Carpet cleaning is also very tiring and cumbersome. Just think about it, vacuuming is backbreaking work already on its own. It’s going to take you, at least, an hour to go through most of the carpeted areas in your house. This is true, even when you use a lighter, more portable vacuum to make things “easier” for you. Deep cleaning is like that, only that it requires more of your time and effort. From moving heavy machinery from one place to another, to preparing the cleaning solutions, moving the furniture and putting everything back together, as well as cleaning the equipment used, it won’t come as a surprise that it will take you an extremely long time to completely finish deep cleaning your carpets.

When hiring professional carpet cleaners, you know your money’s well spent because we can clean your carpets as well as eliminate most stains and odours. We can do a good job of restoring a carpet back to its original state. But, if you choose to do everything on your own, you’re in for quite the predicament. Because you lack both training and experience, it’s going to near-impossible for you to know the best approach when handling trapped debris. Not only that, but you also have to consider the right type of treatment best suited for the type of carpet you have.

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