Five Things to Ask Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner


Plenty of carpet cleaning companies promise a high quality service for an affordable price. The problem is, not all of them deliver.

Use these tips below to help you separate the good from the bad so that you always end up hiring a professional carpet cleaner that won’t provide you with services that’s any less than you deserve.

Industry training and certifications.

Ask the company what kind of training their technicians have received over the years. Also, ask them if they require the technicians to have received training first before hiring them, or if they’re sent out for training and seminars.

A good indicator of a trustworthy carpet cleaning company is if their technicians have the requisite knowledge of how to treat carpets and upholstery and this is usually best learned in a formal training environment.


Insurance is also a definite must to protect both the customer and the technician. Not just any insurance mind – carpet cleaners should really take out insurance which covers all risks in the event that they damage any carpet or upholstery they are working on.


Never ever hire a carpet cleaning company based on their price. Chances are, you’ll be getting what you paid for and the cheaper they are, the more likely their services will be mediocre.

Worse, though, is that their initial quote may only look cheap because they want to and that they’ll be charging you for much more after the job is done.

Whenever you’re shopping for a carpet cleaning company, be sure to read the fine print on all their advertised specials and always ask for a full-detailed quote.

Satisfaction guarantee

The best carpet cleaning companies offer some form of guarantee for their services, which usually involves free cleaning if stains come back or other issues occur, long after they’ve finished cleaning.

The details vary from company to company, so ask the cleaners so you know what’s covered and until when the guarantee lasts.

Ask if there any extras included.

The standard carpet cleaning service typically includes dry soil removal, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming and drying.

Other extras, however, depend on the carpet cleaning company and sometimes, the “package” you took out.

Try to ask what’s included in their quote, such as if they’ll be the ones moving your furniture or if it includes any special treatment for common household stains.

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