Why Choose Bliss Cleaning?

carpet cleaning

Not all carpet and upholstery cleaners offer the same service. It’s for this reason that I am unable to beat your cheapest quote (while still offering a quality service at competitive prices). Let me explain why…

My pricing structure is based on the time I think it will take to complete a job safely and to a high standard. This means no rushing off to another job or over wetting your carpets to achieve a good visual finish, leaving them wet for days. It also accounts for various expenses like the use of the latest and best carpet cleaning machinery and solutions and insurance (including treatment risk) which covers me not just for liability but also for the items I am working on and so on. A number of carpet cleaners do not have this level of cover.

I strongly believe in building a relationship with my clients and gaining work through recommendations from satisfied past clients. I have a satisfaction guarantee – I will return to your property to re-clean any area or item free of charge if you are unhappy with any aspect of the clean and inform me within seven days of having had the work done.

When I clean carpets and upholstery, I also take into account the health and welfare of my clients. This means choosing solutions which are safe for you, safe for pets and children and for people suffering with common allergies.

safe for allergy sufferers

I keep my equipment well sanitised so that I minimise the risk of taking nasty bacteria from one property to another. I am also very discrete – any work I undertake for my clients is carried out in full confidence and not discussed with anyone else, unless otherwise agreed.

Many carpet cleaners still use detergents. I believe that this type of carpet and upholstery cleaning chemical has now been superseded by the more effective and safer eco-friendly, detergent free products. The latter offers a far superior clean based on my own testing and are safer for both myself and my clients. They enable me to use less water, so your carpets and upholstery are drier more quickly. They also leave no residue in your carpets so they stay cleaner for longer.

Sofas, armchairs and other furniture are cleaned using specialist equipment using the right technique to ensure that they are not over wet and are generally ready to be in use within hours rather than days. I can also speed dry carpets and upholstery on request if you need them to be drier more quickly.

The reviews on my website are genuine reviews from previous happy clients. I chose an independent, trusted third party to collect these reviews on my behalf so that you can be sure that they are honest reviews, written by my clients themselves. After I clean your carpets or upholstery, I will send you an invitation to review my service provided I have a valid email address for you on file. You can take a look at my many five star reviews on this page.

Finally, I am proud to be an independent operator rather than a franchisee or employee of a larger company. I am under no time constraints to do jobs as quickly as possible before rushing off to the next one. I can choose which equipment and solutions I use to get your carpets and upholstery looking sparkly clean and I can determine when, where and how I work to satisfy the needs of my clients.

Page updated: February 2019.