Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets typically found in offices differ in their nature to the type of carpet found in the home. Often, the preference is for carpet tiles which are hard wearing and have a low profile which is suitable for the type of footfall you will encounter in a commercial environment.

Due to the nature of this type of carpet and the potential for a large number of electronic items which are usually found in places like offices, we are able to undertake a low moisture clean of commercial premises. This has the added benefit of quicker drying times and minimised chances of wick back – where a stain is likely to reappear sometime after cleaning.

Here is a recent before/after picture of typical office carpet cleaning we carry out using an encapsulation chemical which is scrubbed in using a rotary. The system and chemicals we use are very effective at dealing with the types of spots and spills typically found in a commercial environment.

Contact us today if you’d like to book commercial carpet cleaning. This type of cleaning is usually subject to a site visit prior to the clean to enable us to provide an accurate quote and assess any issues before any work is carried out.

office clean sept 2017