Lounge Carpet Cleaning Crawley

lounge carpet cleaning Crawley

Here is a lounge carpet which was recently cleaned in the Crawley area. We often get asked to clean lounge carpets and in fact we clean this particular room more than any other. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, it is the room which tends to have the most food and drink spills. Secondly, it is the room which is used the most and also used to entertain guests. So people like to keep their lounge carpet looking as good as possible.

We use a range of solutions to get your carpets looking as clean and bright as possible. Most of the solutions we use are eco-friendly. They are also safe for children and pets. The solution is sprayed down on the carpet and mechanically agitated using a contra rotating brush machine. This enables the solution to get deep into the carpet pile and gives it time to work on the stains and tackle the dirt. Once this process is complete, we then use a top of the range hot water extraction machine to rinse away the dirt and bacteria that has attached itself to your carpet fibres, leaving everything fresh and smelling great.

Our system and the solutions we use can tackle a wide variety of stubborn stains and lift away the dirt from your carpets. We use a wet cleaning method as we feel that this is the most deep and thorough clean your carpets can get. Although your carpets may be a little damp post clean, they usually dry within a matter of just a few hours and can be walked on straight away. We provide overshoes to enable you to walk on your freshly cleaned carpets.

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