Why you need to test carpet and upholstery spotters and sprays

carpet stain removal

So you spilled a bit of tea, coffee or wine on your beautiful carpet. Panic sets in about how to go about removing it. You remember that advert where a quick spray of a product makes these stains magically disappear. So off you go to the supermarket and get yourself one of these magic sprays and then let it do its magic on your carpets or upholstery.

As a carpet cleaner, I’ve seen many instances of where someone has used said sprays. The results are usually not pretty. The residue is still there as the detergent isn’t biodegradable and quite often there is a discolouration of the carpet, maybe even damage too from scrubbing the fibres.

The first advice I would give is not to use these products. There are various more effective and safer ways to deal with spills, especially if you’ve acted quickly enough. Just recently I wrote about how to remove tea and coffee stains using products you can buy from your local store.

However, if you still wish to use one of these products, it’s essential to test it first in an area which is out of sight. This is to make sure that you won’t be causing any damage or discolouration to the fibres. Also, you can figure out how much of the product to use first. My advice is to use it sparingly rather than assume that more product will get better results.

If you’re still stuck after all that, I may be able to help, but be aware that you may already have caused damage or discolouration to the fibres to the point where fixing the issue will involve more than just professional stain removal.

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