Will my carpets be wet cleaned and will they be left damp?

The primary method of cleaning carpets is the hot water extraction method. Here at Bliss Cleaning, we use this method for the vast majority of jobs we carry out. Why? Because in our opinion it is the best process for removing dirt, bacteria and stains and the method also excels at dealing with bad odours.

On a typical job involving the cleaning of all carpeted areas in a three bedroom house, we would normally use anywhere between 30 – 60 litres of water to clean the carpets. While this may seem like a lot of water, most of it is recovered through the vacuum hose attached to the carpet wand. So while we are spraying solution on the carpet, we are simultaneously recovering most of the water we put down. This leaves the carpets feeling a little damp, but much like your clothes drying on a hanger, they will naturally dry out within the course of a few hours.

There are low moisture methods and very low moisture methods which have their place in the cleaning industry. If your carpets are sensitive to moisture or you simply require dry carpets straightaway, this is achievable by using a very low moisture method. A rotary machine can also be used for a low moisture method although this is better suited to low profile carpets for which we offer a commercial carpet cleaning service.

If you are unsure about the type of method which is best suited to your carpets and upholstery, simply get in touch and we can guide you through the various options. Bliss Cleaning is a Crawley based carpet and upholstery cleaning service which operates throughout West Sussex and parts of Surrey. You can contact us via the web form or call us on 0800 779 7275.