Five Very Costly Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions


While you’re probably cleaning your carpets in good faith, some of your carpet cleaning practices may not be as good for your carpets as you thought.

Below are five common carpet cleaning misconception that you need to correct, or else you’d end up spending money on replacement carpets much sooner than you’d expect.
Misconception #1 – It’s okay to wait for a long time to have carpets cleaned professionally.

Often, this means only having carpets cleaned when dirt or dust shows and this is just wrong. Not only do you grind dirt into your carpet fibres every day, the fact that the dust or dirt is already showing may mean that your carpet is already damaged way beyond repair.

Carpets should be cleaned regularly, every day for high-traffic areas in homes with more than four people living together. Ideally, professional carpet cleaners should be called once a year or more.

Misconception #2 – All carpet cleaning methods are the same.

In terms of efficiency and cost, all carpet cleaning methods are different.
Hot water extraction cleaning (sometimes referred to, incorrectly, as steam cleaning), for one, is the most recommended and is often required by carpet manufacturers for warranty purposes. Though, even with that, it’s not exactly fit in all cases. It’s important to take this into consideration and discuss with the carpet cleaners as to what they think is the best way to clean your carpets.

Ask questions and do your research before ultimately deciding what carpet cleaning method you chose for your carpets.

Misconception #3 – Certifications are good, but not necessary.
People often only think that not all good carpet cleaners are trained operators. However, training brings a wealth of knowledge which complements the experience gained on the job. It is essential that professional carpet cleaners are able to identify different carpet fibres and that they have some knowledge of chemistry in order to be able to apply the correct chemicals at the right time.

Misconception #4 – All carpet cleaners do the same professional job.

Unfortunately, there are many untrained carpet cleaners with inferior machinery who do not know the correct methods and procedures when it comes to cleaning carpets. They typically tend to only carry one or two chemicals and use the same ones on each job. They also may not have a sufficiently powerful machine to vacuum the water from the carpets, leaving them wet for up to several days and potentially wetting the backing of the carpet.

Our advice is to always choose a carpet cleaning professional who has had some sort of training as they will know how to follow the correct procedures on your carpets and upholstery.

Misconception #5 – DIY deep cleaning is no different from what professionals do.

While there are definitely some professionals that use the same equipment that homeowners can rent for a more affordable option, that’s not always the case. In fact, most professionals have access to and use industrial-grade equipment to perform their jobs.

Equipment aside, professional carpet cleaners also know much more than the typical homeowner when it comes to treating different kinds of carpets, spot-treating stains and restoring carpets back to their original look.

Given that deep cleaning involves much more than just simply cleaning the carpets, it may be a better idea to save yourself the trouble of going the DIY route and simply hire a professional carpet cleaner instead.

While caring for carpets definitely takes a toll on both your body and finances, the beauty and grandeur it adds to your home is simply priceless. Make sure that your carpets stay as beautiful for as long they do without having to always break your bank by avoiding the five costly carpet cleaning misconceptions explained above.

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